com·fort – a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. / the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress.

One of the most interesting topics to discuss is understanding the pros and cons of comfort.

Your comfort zone can keep you from achieving so many things in your life and is usually where people get stuck and find difficulty in realizing their full potential.  It is something that I personally battle on a day to day basis.

Comfort in the sense of being financially secure is something completely different and is obviously a good thing.

In fact, if people are able to reach a certain level of comfort in regards to their financial situation, they are more likely to follow their passion and dreams, thus helping share their gifts with the world.

In this interview with Joe Rogan, Naval Ravikant argues that everyone should make money and be rich so that they can work on things they are truly passionate about.

His idea is that machines and AI can replace a lot of mundane tasks that humans do, however, they are not able to be creative like humans are.  That is the one distinct difference between humans and all other animals.  We are, and strive to be, creative.

With all of the social and financial pressure that most people face (ie. 99.99999% of the world), it is a real challenge to ever be creative because we make no time to think.

Couple that with that fact that almost everyone is addicted to their phones and other devices and you will see that people never let their mind wander to find and think of creative things.

Personally, I have been working to distance myself from my phone when I do not need to use it.   I have also tried to avoid texting because all of the back and forth can really take up more time than is needed.  Instead, I’d rather make a quick call and get the conversation handled rather than text back and forth for an hour.

I even started leaving my phone when I go on runs so that I can think.  No music, no audible books, no podcast…just silence.

It has been refreshing.

It has also given me time to let my mind wander and think through things that I may not have had time to think about otherwise.

Sometimes my mind is focused on business ideas, other times it is thinking about how I am going to handle a specific situation, and sometimes it just bounces from topic to topic.

Nevertheless, it is nice to have time for yourself and allow you to think about whatever your mind wishes.